New video for “The Sound Every Day @ Refshaleøen” –  a new method for creating site-specific and community enriching sound installations.

For more info, read the “about” text below the video on YouTube.



Point of You

“Point of You” is  a new series of public sound installations, about how life sounds from a specific perspective.

The first perspective in this series are the students from “Sprogenheden”. Throughout the last year, Resonating Rooms has tought children in improvisation at “Sprogenheden” in Holstebro – a public school for children who had to flee. Together with the oldest class, we have made a piece of music which shares their sonic point of views. Layers of field recordings and improvisations have been mixed together, creating a 10 minute long piece.

The Sound installation will be installed in a shopping stores window in the middle of Holstebro – inviting all kinds of people to experience another point of view.

You can hear it every full hour between 08:00-20:00 from 17.06.2022-01.07.2022 at Nørregade 13 – in the middle of a shopping street in Holstebro.






Developing listening formats

A key part of the work with “Resonating Rooms” is to develop new listening formats. In other words, a lot happens that does not reach the public space – right away. But hang on, we’ll share as soon as we can!


Zugang Zur Zeit

Zugang zur Zeit,

The artist-driven exhibition space @kv_leipzig is located in downtown Leipzig, in a a cozy neighborhood with independent stores.

In front of a packed house, Lars Greve performed and recorded three solo pieces; sunrise, solar noon and sunset.  A reminder and access to time – a “Zugang Zur Zeit” which is the title, in German. The sound of the clarinet improvisations where live transmitted to three windows,  making the music audible and tactile in- and outside.


Music from “En Verden, der melder sig”

You can now buy a vinyl containing the first improvisation Lars Greve performed at Copenhagen Contemporary.

It is sold as a vinyl, pressed in 350 numbered and signed editions. The improvisation lasts for 32:25 seconds and is cut on Side A. The Side B is a resonating engraving made by Carl Krull. The artwork was made by laying all 350 white covers in a circle, which were sprayed with a fluorescent orange spray.

You can purchase it through by clicking here


Culture makes a difference

Click here to see an interview made by local TV-MidtVest. The project is about cultural inclusion, through workshops with improvised music.



The national newspaper “Information” brought the five pages portrait;”One of the most interesting musicians of the time, Lars Greve, learned the history of jazz and wrote his own”.

You can read the paper here


PILGRIM – Roskilde

“Pilgrim” is a sounding sculpture where you can hear, see and feel the music. All surfaces are like a speaker: the metal waves with the music, and the bass rumbles up off the ramp.

As the name suggests, “Pilgrim” can travel. The sculpture will be ignited with sound for the first time at GRASP Festival, which is Roskilde Festival’s new sister, which together with a number of partners, acts and talks focuses on the role of culture in social and environmental sustainability.

The music sounds 24/7, but you can experience when the music is embedded in the sculpture. It’s free and happens: d.18.11 kl10: 00 + d.19.11 kl11: 30 + d.20.11 kl18: 30

Check out for more info.



Resonating Rooms will be opening Roskilde Festivals new festival for sustainability; GRASP-festival. 


Sold out concerts

Resonating Rooms’s collaboration with Gong Tomorrow turned out to be three sold out concerts.

Lars Greve made a sounding scenography consisting of four resonating walls, containing audiences and musicians. The line-up was:

Jacob Anderskovs for Holstebro Music Schools Horn Ensemble
Lars Greve & Maurice Louca
Søs Gunvor Ryberg

Videos of all acts is coming up.


Gong Tomorrow Program

Long interview as a teaser for Resonating Rooms take-over at Gong Tomorrow.


Maurice Louca

Lars Greve will be doing a residency and concert with Egyptian musician Maurice Louca.

The residency is organised as a partnership between DEDI (Danish Egyptian Dialouge Initiative) and Resonating Rooms. The concert will be a part of Gong Tomorrow 2021 –  more info to come!



Read a short QnA with Lars Greve, unfolding thoughts about the visions behind Resonating Rooms. The text can viewed here



Høst – review

Quote from review of HØST:

The fact that the whole stage becomes a kind of speaker for the music’s drumming, on the other hand, works very effectively in AUTUMN, just as the dancers also literally sit down and drum on stage. Music, body and movements merge completely, as the dancers’ bodies have to move on and with the bouncing speaker stage. Classical dichotomies dissolves” – Mette Garfield



HØST – trailer

Click on the picture to see the trailer for HØST




Lars Greve was invited by The Royal Danish Academy’s opening. He made a live-performance and presentation of he works with physical rooms as a part unfolding musical compositions. The picture was taken during the live-performance, where blank easels were transformed into sounding objects.



Lars Greve will be doing several events and concerts at “Slagteriet” in Holstebro in May and June.

It is an empty slaugterhouse, consisting of huge halls. Greve will use some the big blood-tubes and convert them into singing objects.

Check the facebook-page for Slagteriet to get updates.



“HØST” in Spain

The dance performance “Høst” made as a collaboration between Recoil-Performance-Group and Resonating Rooms will soon be at Sismograf in Spain.

For more info click here


Listeners perspective

+200 came by for almost all 14 of Lars Greves concert installations at Copenhagen Contemporary. Some were asked what the thought of about it, and here are a few of their responses:

“I had goosebumps for 30 minutes because of the vibrationen. And I just sat there. I just couldn’t move.”

“An indescribable experience. Very physical and very inspiring. ”

“Fantastic experience! And something I do not remember hearing in a concert context before!”

“I have told many friends about the concert, it was a great and unique experience”


En verden, der melder sig

Lars Greve will be performing 14 solo concert-installations at Copenhagen Contemporary during winter break – 14-21.02.

With improvised clarinet solos, Greve will ignite Copenhagen Contemporary’s 600 m2 hall 6 with sounds. A more than 100-metre-long ventilation pipe, which was once parts of the shipyard B&W’s welding hall, is brought to lift with sounds and music that invite guests to move to a unique listening experience.

For more info, please visit the art centers website here



“Vår Dag” premieres at Skånes Danseteater 28.11.2021.

“Vår Dag” both means “our day” and equinox in Swedish. This performance is about life in Skåne, a western part of Sweden. Greve found the title and concept for the piece, which was developed together with choreographer Tina Tarpgaard. All sounds and movements were collected in Skåne – all kinds of citizens shared their music, breaths, favorite sounds and brought into a one-hour compositions.

Greve wanted the audience to feel the sound, and there designed sounding benches. You can literally feel the sound of Skåne.

“Vår Dag” will be touring in fourth months in public houses in 2022. Visit Skånes Dansteaters website for more info:



Resonerende Rum will be doing an exhibition for KV Leipzigs  “Zero Gravity” in november 2021.

(update: postponed to 2022 due to corona restrictions)



In The Shadow Of Hope

A new music for “I håbets skygge” [“In The Shadow Of Hope”] is now online.

Click here to watch it.


New article

DEDI (Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative) just published this article about the collaboration between Maurice Louca and Lars Greve.



Listen to a (Danish) interview Maurice Louca & Lars Greve on Danish National Radio, by clicking here.



Resonerende Rum vil kuratere og sætte soniske rammer for en aften på Gong Festival 2021.

Tjek for mere info.



Lørdag d.17 juli kl20:00 you can hear Lars Greve’s latest composition “I håbets skygge” [In The Shadow Of Hope], performed by Aarhus Sinfonietta.

The concerts takes place in “Den Gamle By” as a part of Aarhus Jazz Festival 2021.




HØST – review

Quote from review of Høst:

“It’s extremely effective, when the music vibrates up through the stage floor, as if it came deep down from the earth– Vibeke Wern




Resonating Rooms just did a video with horn players from different music schools. Greve wrote a new piece of music especially for the young players, and build a sounding scenography the workshop.

You can read more and see a video from it by clicking here



Appointed as “Special Ensemble”

Resonating Rooms is appointed as “Special Ensemble” by The Danish Arts Foundation from 2021-2023. It is the first time in Denmark, that a non-classical ensemble and soloist is appointed. The decision is based on Resonating Room’s vision of being a beacon in modern contemporary music and the mission to spread knowledge of the genre to a wider and more diverse audience.

Read about it here (in Danish): Læs nyheden på Kulturmonitor