Resonating Rooms was founded by Lars Greve, who is currently the artistic director of this independent institution.

As a reed player, composer and project innovator, Greve is recognised for his innovative and experimental works and projects. His vision is to develop and cultivate broad popular communities through inclusive, uncompromising and contemporary cultural projects. Resonating Rooms is an extension of this vision, which unfolds through a series of cross-aesthetic collaborations. Among other projects, he has created the user involvement and hometown portrait “Solhverv” (Solstice), in collaboration with artist and photographer Fryd Frydendahl, and ran the “Folkegaven” (Gift for the people) in Holstebro municipality, where the multi-instrumentalist Krest Osgood and Greve performed improvised music for citizens in old people’s homes, barracks, prisons and care homes. He has also released music with groups in Brazil and Greenland, and a single, which was transmitted via a municipal citizen service help line, as well as a solo album “Dødedans” (Death dance), with a three-kilo aluminium cover, in collaboration with sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar.

Greve has performed all over the world, with a wide range of Danish and international artists, ranging from the indie band Bon Iver, and the improvisational harpist Zeena Parkins to the hybrid band Girls in Airports and “Videbæk Harmonikaklub” (Videbæk Harmonica club). He has received a number of awards for his music, including releases, films, theatre and dance performances, and he has worked at several conservatories as a tutor, censor and researcher.

The institution’s chairperson says this about the artistic director:

“There is a great breadth to Lars Greve’s work, and he has a rare eye for inter-disciplinary collaborations. And, his execution is on the highest level. He’s uncompromising with his art, but at the same time is open to dialogue in his approach – he is preoccupied with creating something that makes a difference – not just for a few people, but for many. This means that one can never really know what the outcome will be – other than that you can be sure that it is of the highest artistic quality. He is the natural choice to develop and realise comprehensive and visionary assignments, which contribute to making Resonating Rooms a leading institution within contemporary music.”
(Chairperson of the management board, Hanne Boel)

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