Resonating Rooms was selected to be a “special ensemble” in 2021 by the Danish Arts Foundation. Each year, its project committee for music chooses a small handful of ensembles, which they believe to be leading lights within their genres. Resonating Rooms is among the first three rhythmic “special ensembles” ever to be named in Denmark.

As a “special ensemble”, Resonating Rooms has a number of obligations to fulfil in relation to sharing its music in Denmark, and Danish music abroad. Resonating Rooms must, among other things, entertain and enrich the public, and serve as inspiration for the musical food chain, and the music world in general.

“We already have a rich array of special ensembles and regular ensembles in the classical musical field, and with the new special ensembles they must together ensure high artistic quality, and act as inspiration and beacons for a rich musical life in Denmark. We are sure that the new ensembles will also be widely present all over the country, and contribute to developing collaborations in new formats.”
(Danish Arts Foundation)

Resonating Rooms’ status as a special ensemble initially runs from 2021-2023. The award covers running costs for 3 years.